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Civil engineering-, canal- and pipeline construction

The excavator cannot reach every corner when cables have to be exposed. Here, VOGT compressed air devices avoids expensive manual work: Whether digging, compacting, breaking up or exposing, working time can always be saved with the light helpers. So the short VOGT Hammer digs at horizontal undermining and underpinning operations. It breaks through basement walls, scrapes off bitumen and underpins pipes. Its short design is ideal for narrow foundation trenches or shear wall panels. On the other hand the VOGT TurboSpade with the T-handle is shaped downwards for ergonomic working. It breaks open asphalt, compacted gravel or frozen ground, compacts narrow trenches and concrete in bordering. It is a substitute for manually used digging spades and pick-axes and the air pressure delivered by vehicle/truck is enough. But usually there is also a construction compressor on site, as required by the VOGT Air Lance. This supersonic tool blows huge air volume into the ground, which even loosens tight gravel. The soft air does not damage any pipes, which makes it predestined for search and uncovering tasks on cables, water and sewer pipes. Even in areas that are difficult to access, such as unsecured pits, narrow slotted trenches and complicated line crossings, the slim, extendable jet pipe copes perfectly. The VOGT Air Injector is characterized by low weight, good working ergonomics and simple release mechanism. The VOGT TurboSpade is adapted in no time at all by a quick-change system. By the VTS the injection tube is driven into the soil and by triggering the control element the soil gets abruptly aerated. The VOGT Air Injector is especially used when working with the suction excavator. The required compressed air can be taken directly from the suction excavator.

VOGT Hammer

horizontal undermining and underpinning works

VOGT TurboSpade

vertical digging and compaction work

VOGT Air Lance

damage-free line search

VOGT Air Injector

abrupt soil breaking

Anker VOGT Hammer

VOGT Hammer