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Air Lance


Gently loosen at the speed of sound


2 times
speed of sound

additional shut-off valve

additonal handle

extendable to 10 m

Air flow in front of

the engaging lever

Protection cap XL

soft grip coating


engaging lever

The VOGT lance blows at 3.5 cubic meters per minute with up to two and a half times the speed of sound. The specially swirled jet does not damage roots or pipes. The "air pick" simplifies the hand pit enormously and stirs even in compacted gravel like butter. The lance creates a search slot and exposes the gas, electricity or water pipe, even in complicated crossing areas. It cleans pipe ends and connection threads deep into the pores and empties openly driven pipes. If the air escapes from the ground, it expands the capillary. This drains waterlogging, enhances root growth and soil organisms. The soft air protects the plants and leaves hair roots intact. The VOGT lance effectively cleans dry walls, facades and roof surfaces, removes loosen mortar joint.
A whole range of useful supplements help in difficult cases: a short, a flexible and a curved jet tube reach the last corner, extension tubes reach deep areas. This allows loosening and analysis in excavations without the need for shoring. Facades can be cleaned with long lance without scaffolding. The additional sand blasting unit removes graffiti, bitumen and paint. A jet tube with reduced output allows the operation of the VOGT lance already with compressors with a capacity from 2,35 m³/min.


VOGT Lanze VL 3,5
with standard stainless steel jet tube for common applications

VOGT Lanze VL 3,5 S
with insulated GFK jet tube for use in electrically conductive areas

VOGT Lanze VL 3,5 K
with short jet tube for use in narrow areas

Accessories for VOGT Air Lance