Sealings, Flat roof & Bitumen

If the material is very hard or the bitumen is tough, it is difficult to remove flat roof coverings and to break open the bonded screed. This can be very exhausting on the back and muscles. With the VOGT Hammer you can save time and sweat. The powerful VH 50.18 or the vibration-damped VH 60.18 has a lot of explosive power and still remains easy to handle. The device length is very important: The user stands upright and is able to induce a high leverage force. As a result of this he can break open big boards while moving through material and screed. The extra strong 18 mm chisel input enables the extension “crowder” to endure. First of all, a scraper or the cutting device with cutting blade is separating the upper sealant. Afterwards the scraper is removing bitumen and thermal insulation, no matter how thick the insulation is or how deeply put into grouting or pasted on. Furthermore cork-, HWL-, mineral fibre- or polystyrol boards do not make a difference anymore. The VOGT Hammer removes the lower bitumen layer or the vapour barrier cleanly right down to the raw concrete, loosens nailed sheets from the wood without damaging the substrate. The Delta-P-knives are the first choice for breaking up sloping screeds, grouting bitumen or terrace slabs in the mortar bed. The enormous explosive effect of the tools is particularly noticeable with bonded screeds and screeds on separating layers.


Suggested device sets

VOGT Hammer Roofers Basic-Set

VOGT Hammer Roofers Basic-Set

With the tools for flat roof renovation

VOGT Hammer Roofers XL-Set

VOGT Hammer Roofers XL-Set

Extensive tooling for flat roof renovation

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