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I would like to cordially welcome you to our homepage. My name is Andreas Brehm and I am the CEO of VOGT Baugeräte GmbH. Our motivation and passion is to provide you with high quality products "made in Germany". We respond to your requirements in a solution-oriented manner.

VOGT device technology offers effective solutions for the most different applications and is used in renovation (plaster/tiles), removal of floor coverings up to flat roof renovation but also in civil engineering, canal and pipeline construction, cleaning work of production plants, in garden and landscaping as well as in tree care.
Since 1992 we have been manufacturing durable quality products, also in the knowledge that the natural resources given to us are not "infinitely" available. By manufacturing in Germany, we avoid long delivery ways, protect the environment and increase the added value in our country. Of course quality has its price, but our products are worth their price. We are pleased to convince you of this.
The family-run company is based on honest partnerships at eye level and is managed according to Christian values.
We will give you practical and well-founded advice. Our high availability of devices, tools, spare parts and accessories enables us to deliver quickly.
Application and service videos are available on our homepage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are pleased to count you among our customers.
Your VOGT Baugeräte Team

Andreas Brehm



Andreas Brehm


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-0

VOGT team



Helmut Nerlich

Field manager

+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-22

+49 (0) 1 75 / 5 26 92 67


Rafael Porossian

Field Manager / Export

+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-0

+33  7 45 20 89 77


Michael Adler

Back office / Export

+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-23


Markus Engel

Back office

+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-24


Henry Hauenstein


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-25

Accounting & Staff


Monika Neisser


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-26


Nina Brehm


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-0



Christian Kolbenschlag


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-36

Development & Technology


Timo Leuthold

Technical Manager

+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-38


Josia Völkel


+49 (0) 92 78 / 7 74 33-0

Production & warehouse


Peter Scholz



Davood Rezakhani



As a company specialising in construction equipment, our aim is to offer you a comprehensive range of services. We have therefore set ourselves the task of offering solution-orientated products and are therefore your expert company for construction equipment. We only offer you products of excellent quality. Thanks to our production in Germany, we can maintain short delivery routes and offer you a product made in Germany. Our product range also includes equipment for renovation, civil engineering and landscaping - you will find the right solution for every task.

With our many years of experience as a construction equipment company, we know the different and individual requirements in this area and therefore regularly work on improvements to make your work easier. Our main focus is on user-friendliness and quality. It is also important to us that you receive first-class service in addition to high-quality construction equipment. In addition to additional information on our homepage, you will also receive experienced service from our employees.

As a family-run construction equipment company with Christian values, an honest relationship with our customers and partners is important to us. We prioritise cooperation on an equal footing. In the further development of our products, we also take into account the experiences and suggestions of our customers.

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