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Professional appliance for tile removal & plaster removal

Anyone who still generally uses electric hammers to remove plaster and tiles is not yet familiar with the VOGT hammer: its impact properties, sophisticated tools and ergonomic working position lead to significantly higher surface performance and is the perfect device for tile removal.


The compressed air medium means that the device is not only lighter , but also much more durable: no dust-prone fan, no electronics. The large reach creates distance from falling material . It enables the work to be carried out over a whole floor without scaffolding, and our device is even ideal for removing plaster from ceilings .


Thanks to the easy handling, the employee can intuitively adjust the tool, working pressure and angle to the material thickness and hardness. Scrapers are required for plaster, coatings and glued tiles , and chisels for cement plaster or tiles in a mortar bed . The hammer loosens insulation panels, natural stone or ceramic panels , and effectively renovates sandstone walls and exposed brickwork with the range of tools that has been optimized over the years. Thanks to the newly developed dust extraction system, dust that is hazardous to health can be extracted directly from the chisel shaft. High-alloy steels and easily replaceable wearing parts reduce operating costs to a minimum. The low air consumption results from the precisely fitting impact mechanism and even enables operation with 230 V compressors.


Areas of application

Interior plaster



Masonry joints

Ceiling plaster



Decorative plaster

Cement plaster

Floor tiles