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Garden and landscaping

There are machines for all tasks in the outskirt area, but they all have a problem: the fine, the small, the last corner. The VOGT TurboSpade is replacing tools like spades, pick-axes, small compactors or hand tampers. The light (6 kg) TurboSpade is contend with a 230 V compressor, which is an advantage in magnificently designed gardens: precision work instead of crop damages. The VOGT TurboSpade fits with all the necessary tools in one transport case. The spade blade loosens loam and tight gravel, the tamping plate reaches the last corner and exact piloting is possible with the same results like heavy machinery. A chisel for rocks and foundations, a pile driver ram for small posts – is all you need. Our powerful help for shoreline stabilisation, forest cleaning or establishing outskirt areas. The strong compacting makes surroundings, external staircases and borders with gravel frost-resisting - all without concrete. The VOGT TurboSpade can be converted into the VOGT Soil Aerator by adapting a injection tube. The soil aerator is shooting a huge amount of air into the soil without damaging the vegetation. The compressed air widens the capillary, stagnant moisture is draining and roots are able to grow. As well as air you can inject fertiliser or granulate. The VOGT Air Lance, which can be operated with construction compressors from 3.5 cbm/per minute, blows with up to two and a half times the speed of sound and serves to expose roots and supply lines quickly and effectively. Due to the specially swirled, "soft" air there is no damage whatsoever. A whole range of useful accessories allow a universal use of the VOGT Air Lance.

VOGT TurboSpade

Vertical digging and compaction work

VOGT Soil Aerator

Aeration of compacted soil

VOGT Air Lance

Uncovering root curtains

Anker VOGT TurboSpaten_GalaBau

VOGT TurboSpade