Tree care & site renovation

During heavy rainfall, when the water in the garden no longer seeps away and is only left on the lawn, or when trees or bushes wither away or even stagnate, then the expert is called in and solutions are needed. The reasons for such difficulties are often compactions in the soil. This prevents water from seeping away properly and gas exchange takes place only to a small extent. Stagnant moisture leads to rotting at the roots and healthy growth is hindered. Root systems of trees and bushes have "no desire" to dig themselves into compressed soil and therefore spread less. Superficial measures do not go far enough, because the problem usually lies deeper. But how can these be repaired if the garden is beautifully laid out? Rough up everything again with heavy equipment, loosen up and lay drains? It can be done, but it is expensive and time-consuming. But it can also be done more simply. The company VOGT offers suitable soil aeration and injection technology to provide economical solutions for such problems.

  • Loosening of compacted soil through soil aeration

  • Introduction of soil additives at different depths

  • Backfilled aeration caverns leave vertical air and water channels

  • Removal of waterlogging on grass areas

  • Rehabilitation of tree sites

  • Restoring damaged compaction after construction work

  • Ergonomic, upright working posture

  • Effective work due to high impact power

  • Fatigue-free working due to low weight and vibration damping

  • Modular system

  • Dosable injection quantity

  • All components hydraulically pressed


Machines for site renovation


VOGT Geo Injector mini

The smallest soil aerating- and injection device of the Geo Injector family enables the injection of granules, water storage, liquid fertilizers, water and air.


VOGT Geo Injector maxi

The effective soil aeration and injection device with a big material tank and compressed air storage tank enables the injection of granules, water reservoirs, liquid fertilizers, water and air.


VOGT Geo Injector pro

Constant injection volume through adjustable dosages and the best possible soil aeraton with large buffer storage capacity, for the processing of large order volumes.


VOGT Geo Injector fluid

A compact unit for the injection of liquid and gel suspensions with constant injection quantity.

Working method



Insert injektion tube into the desired working depth



Soil loosening through aeration



Improvement of the soil capillary



Optional: Introduction of soil additives

Correct compressed air supply

The compressed air supply is particularly important for floor injection. There is no intention of destroying the achieved soil improvement by injecting oiled compressed air and at the same time causing lasting damage to the soil. Our compressors run with environmentally friendly compressor oil and also have a compressed air treatment system to remove all moisture. You can choose between the version on blades (V315iTS) or on axle (V315 iTF). This allows the compressor to be optimally integrated into the vehicle fleet. With an output of 3,000 l/min and a pressure range of up to 10 bar, the compressor provides sufficient supply to the Geo Injector.


Suitable accessories





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