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Tools and Accessories

VOGT Manuals - Mounting of scraper holders
The correct assembly of the scraper holder is not an art, nevertheless mistakes are often made which in the end can lead to a breakage of the scraper. In this video we show step by step the correct assembly of the scraper holder.

VOGT Manuals - Grinding of scrapers and chisels
The best scraper or chisel is useless if it is blunt. With the right method, you can get your tools sharp again.

VOGT Manuals - Precision In-line oiler
VOGT devices can do a lot, but what they need is oil. We show you how to properly fill and set the oiler (Z 300) and where it should be in the hose.

VOGT Manuals - Everything you need to know about the compressor
How must a compressor be connected correctly, where must the compressor be located and how must it be maintained. The video explains the individual steps for an optimal compressed air supply.

VOGT Hammer & VOGT TurboSpade

VOGT Manuals - Troubleshooting at the actuator
If the device no longer runs properly or runs continuously, you will find the solution and the required spare parts in this video.

VOGT Manuals - Change the stick
This video explains how the black POM handle can be changed. Either due to a defect or to change the screw between a long and a short device.

VOGT Manuals - Renew connecting hose
If the connection hose has a hole or the kink protection is broken, this video explains how the individual parts can be replaced.

VOGT Manuals - Exchange connection hose old version with new one
Exchange of an old connection hose for a new one with a metal anti-kink spring and pressure relief valve

VOGT Manuals - Disassembly and maintenance of the clamping sleeve
The clamping sleeve on the hammer mechanism is used to exchange the tool. The adapter sleeve must be serviced regularly due to dirt or wear.

VOGT Manuals - Device does not start
The device may be damaged after long periods of storage. The piston is usually corroded due to poor lubrication.

VOGT Manuals - Cleaning device
Over-oiling of the device leads to reduced impact performance. Cleaning the air ducts increases the efficiency of the device

VOGT Manuals - Replace engaging lever
Dirt can reduce the travel of the engaging lever, which reduces the impact performance of the device.

VOGT Manuals - Replacing the valve of the operating element
Pressure peaks or wear can damage the valve. As a result, the device goes into continuous operation and can no longer be stopped by the release lever.

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