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The requirements in industry are so diverse that only a few typical applications can be mentioned here. Within the production line, substances settle in machines and on conveyor belts, harden and soon impede operation. Exhaust air grilles of painting booths and grates of waste disposal power plants become blocked. Materials clump together in funnels or blind spots. Here, VOGT impact devices can break open, remove and clean quickly and without damaging the substrate with the help of the usually available compressed air system. Even stubborn epoxy resin floors in industrial halls, sticking in silos, thick ship deck coatings or simply paint on steel profiles can be effectively scraped off. The large area performance of the versatile pneumatic hammers also makes them indispensable for parking deck coatings and road markings. Vessels, rotary and heating ovens can be cleaned or renovated by covering them with a heat protection hose, even in the case of high heat residuals. When removing icing in cold stores, the device does not freeze. Thanks to their variety, weight saving and intuitive operation, these durable devices are suitable for industrial cleaning as well as for deconstruction and repair of machinery. An on-site consultation with device test is recommended.


Suggested device sets

VOGT Hammer Renovators, painters, plasterers, tilers Basic-Set

VOGT Hammer Renovators, painters, plasterers, tilers Basic-Set

With the tools for working on walls and overhead

VOGT Hammer Floorer Basic-Set

VOGT Hammer Floorer Basic-Set

With the tools for working on the ground

Suitable accessories




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