Parquet & Floor coverings

Professional device for parquet removal

The VOGT Hammer convinces on old surfaces by its versatility and area performance. So the handy device makes it possible to remove all types of floor coverings, coatings and floor screeds up to the last corner. Due to the improving adhesives for the laying of parquet and laminate floors, the removal becomes an increasing problem. With conventional tools such as chisels or nail irons, daily outputs of less than three square metres are the result. With the VOGT Hammer and the combination of the right tool and adjusted working pressure, even the most difficult coverings can be removed well and time-saving. "Wet in wet" glued textile backings can be removed as well as cork coverings, tiles and wooden floors. Thin plastic coverings (PVC, CV) do not leave their carrier layer behind because the scraper can easily be guided in the separating joint and glides on the screed. For extremely high elastic PU adhesives, the 120mm wide Frankenklinge® with attached parquet wedge is a suitable solution for cutting open the rubber-like adhesive grooves with the serrated blade.  The user immediately sees any remaining adhesive residue and intuitively achieves a cleaner result due to the operating angle of the device. The ergonomic working position prevents back ache. Furthermore the light transport- and operating weight is helpful. This leads to short set-up times, especially when the required compressor can remain on the ground floor and a hose supplies the upper rooms. Our transport case keeps all parts together. Before using the VOGT Hammer please control the liquid level of the oiler. Further service is not necessary. Simply economically!

  • Scraping PUR- and synthetic resin

  • Scraping CV-, Linoleum- and cork floors  

  • Loosening and cutting of elastic coverings

  • Ideal for thin, fully glued design coverings

  • Residue-free removal of carpet and foam back  

  • Able to break open bonded and floated screed  

  • Removal of floor tiles, levelling compound and knifing filler

  • Deconstruction of PUR / MS glued parquet and laminate floors

  • Fast tool change

  • Large tool choice

  • High power impact tool

  • Preserving base floor level

  • Ergonomic upright working position

  • 18mm chisel-shaft able to withstand leverage

  • Low air consumption enables use of 230 V compressors

  • Fatigue-free work due to low weight and vibration damping

  • 2 years warranty on equipment and tools – made in Germany



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