Tiles, Plaster & Insulation

Those who still use electric hammers to remove plaster and tiles are not yet familiar with our VOGT Hammer: its striking characteristics, the sophisticated tools and the ergonomic working position lead to significantly higher area performance. Due to the medium compressed air the tool is not only lighter, but also much more long-lasting: no dust-prone aerator and no electronics. The long operating distance leaves space for any material falling down. It enables the working of a complete floor height without scaffolding, even with ceiling plaster. Through easy handling, the worker intuitively adapts tool, working pressure and -angle according to plaster thickness. Scrapers are required for plaster, coatings and bonded tiles, while chisels are required for cement plaster or tiles in the mortar bed. The hammer loosens insulation boards, natural stone or ceramic tiles, effectively restores sandstone walls and exposed stonework with the range of tools optimised in practice over many years. Thanks to the newly developed dust suction system, health-endangering dust can be extracted directly at the chisel shaft. High-alloy steels and easily replaceable wearing parts reduce operating costs to a minimum. The low air consumption is the result of the precisely fitting hammer mechanism and even permits operation with 230 V compressors.

  • Scraping PUR- and synthetic resin

  • Scraping CV-, Linoleum- and cork floors  

  • Loosening and cutting of elastic coverings

  • Ideal for thin, fully glued design coverings

  • Residue-free removal of carpet and foam back  

  • Able to break open bonded and floated screed  

  • Removal of floor tiles, levelling compound and knifing filler

  • Deconstruction of PUR / MS glued parquet and laminate floors

  • Fast tool change

  • Large tool choice

  • High power impact tool

  • Preserving base floor level

  • Ergonomic upright working position

  • 18mm chisel-shaft able to withstand leverage

  • Low air consumption enables use of 230 V compressors

  • Fatigue-free work due to low weight and vibration damping

  • 2 years warranty on equipment and tools – made in Germany



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