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Pneumatic hammers have been around long. However VOGT Hammer are totally different: the lightweighted, lance-like design offers ideal working conditions. The practical robustness, the high quality of material and machining and low tool abrasion predestine for permanent use. A huge choice of tools and the possibility to adjust the device with different handle lengths open a multiplicity of application areas. Thus the VOGT Hammers are found in construction renovation businesses frequently.
VOGT Hammer VH 25 / VH 30 ‒ the light one
The smaller VOGT Hammer VH 25 / VH 30 has only half the weight of comparable electric hammers, which simplifies over-head-work. The VH 25-90 / VH 30-90 already reaches the complete storey hight without scaffold and planks. The higher impact frequency of the VH 25 / VH 30 is ideal for brittle materials: epoxy resin, plasters, filler, thin tiles, tile adhesive, residues of mortar and concrete. The small hammer mechanism is content with 190 litres per minute, which can even be provided by a single piston compressor.
VOGT Hammer VH 50 / VH 60 ‒ the strong one
The  VOGT Hammer VH 50 VH 60 is one size bigger: its stronger piston is appropriate for ductile, compact materials: bitumen, cement plaster and brickwork. Even extremely ductile parquet adhesives don’t resist the strong hammer mechanism. With its 18 mm tool strong leverage force can be applied during undermining works or when flat roof seals are broken up. However, if you want to use the tools of the VH 25 / VH 30, a 14 mm-hexagon is available for the VH 50 / VH 60.


VOGT Hammer Tief- und Straßenbau Set


VOGT TurboSpaten Tief- und Straßenbau Set

Der leichte Spaten für den harten Einsatz. Vielfältig einsetzbar zum Graben, Verdichten oder Aufbrechen.

VOGT Lanze

Mit Schallgeschwindigkeit lockern und Leitungen freilegen.


VOGT Air Injector

Die leichte Art der Bodenlockerung.

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