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8 hours

270,00 €

VOGT Baugeräte GmbH, Weidenberg

Technical seminar VOGT Geo Injector maxi

Repair, maintenance, repair

Target group: users, fitters, workshop managers

Group size: 6 people

Language: German

Devices from VOGT are designed for tough and sustained use on the construction site. However, they also require maintenance and occasionally repairs.

The "Technical seminar VOGT Geo Injector maxi" revolves around this application.


  • Dangers when working on compressed air devices

  • General instruction for basic assembly work on the VGI maxi

  • Application problem no material delivery

  • Application problem no ventilation process

  • Application problem no triggering of the valves

  • Carry out maintenance work on the VGI maxi

  • User problem VTS

  • Storage and maintenance of the VTS

  • application problem

The price of the seminar includes drinks and meals plus VAT

Timo Leuthold
Technical management

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