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45 - 60 Minuten


Free Online Webinar

Soil aeration and injection technology

Our soils are exposed to many negative influences and climate change is accelerating this. Long dry summers and simultaneous torrential rains have become the norm. If soils are additionally compacted, rainwater cannot run off and waterlogging occurs.

Trees and plants also have to face many influences. In addition to compacted soils, there is also drought stress, road salt or a lack of nutrients.

With our equipment you can face these problems and fix them over a long period of time.

In this webinar we will cover the topic of soil aeration and injection technology holistically for approx. 60 min. Afterwards, questions will be taken and dealt with.



  • How does soil-damage compaction occur?

  • What is the correct work sequence?

  • What soil types are there?

  • Determination of soil additives

  • Calculation of a measure

  • Differences in injection techniques

Andreas Brehm

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