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Not only in gardens a thorn in your side: boggy lawn patches and puddles on gravel surfaces, if the subsoil is compacted by washed in fines. With huge effort water can be derived by drainage pipes and doesn’t get into the ground water.Instead of digging punctual loosening with the VOGT Soil Aerator is sufficient. The aerating is driven into the necessary depth with the VOGT TurboSpade.

A lever releases a great amount of air into the ground abruptly. To reach this shock impact, the air is stored in an extra arge hose or, if powered by an electric compressor or a Unimog in a certified pressure tank. The injected air searches for its way to the surface in a big circle and hereby widens plugged capillaries. This boosts root growth, soil organisms and lets stagnant moisture drain.

This aeration reactivates the natural decomposition on cemeteries with dense soils. Backfilling the injection holeswith split leads to an enduring drainage and vertical aeration through cavities. Alternatively, the VOGT Geo Injector brings in granules.The VOGT Soil Aerator is also used for hand excavation to loosen the soil in a large impact radius and thereby save time and effort.


Engaging lever

Engaging lever for driving in the aeration tube

Tube fitting

Massive tube fitting guarantees a secure hold.


Milled from one piece


Aeration tube

Aeration tube with four outlets for a 360° aeration

Distributor & Regulation Unit

With the engaging lever you can regulate aeration power and rate.


Technical Data:

VOGT Soil Aerator   Typ VBL VBL
Operating pressure 3.0-6.0bar Total length 140
Impact rate 1.960 Weight 9,2
Air consumption ab 3000 l/min    


VOGT Soil Aerator Basic-Set
VOGT Soil Aerator Basic-Set


  • VOGT Soil Aerator VBL

    Soil aeration

    Total length: 140cm

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