The light VH 25 / VH 30 is ideal for gypsum-, lime- and lime-cement plaster. VH 50.18 / VH 60.18 is ideal for lime-cement and cement plaster.

The light VH 25 or VH 30 is ideal for decor plaster and ceiling plaster, gypsum plaster, lime plaster and lime-cement plaster, thermal insulation system, GK-/HWL-sheets, polystyrene sheets.
The high impact frequency of 3200/min is very economical for brittle materials. Chisel holder is 14 mm.
VH 50.18 or VH 60.18 is ideal for exterior-, lime-cement and cement plaster.
These models have the strong 18mm chisel holder. Its stronger piston, but with a lower impact frequency of 1960/min, is appropriate for ductile, compact materials.
All device types are available by default in 4 different lengths. For further information look at the description of our products. We gladly advise you by phone for finding the right decision, which device would be the best for you.