Scrapers for removing internal plaster and insulation systems

Beveled scrapers remove easily plaster, thin layer textured plaster, ceiling plaster, paint and coating. You can use scrapers even for sprayed asbestos.
Scrapers are available in eight different standard widths. For removing plaster and insulation the beveled scrapers B100S and B120S with a width of 100mm and 120mm would be best. However for decor plaster on soft surface, top plaster on WDVS by preventing damages of the reinforcement you use wider and edgeless scraper with reduced pressure like B120 / B160 / B200 with a width of 120mm, 160mm and 200mm.
All scrapers need to be mounted on the scraper holder M5000 or M5000.18. To save conversion time, a scraper holder for each scraper width is recommended.
For further applications look at “tools”.