Scraper on the floor

To remove carpets (textile back) we suggest a scraper width from 120-250 mm.
The thin beveled scraper cuts through the floorcovering and can be put into the joint easily to slide over the floor screed. You receive the best result in choosing the right scraper width, depending on floorcovering, glue and subsurface. The consequence is a high area output and you´ll finish the construction earlier than usually.
All scrapers need to be mounted on the scraper holder M5000 or M5000.18. To save conversion time, a scraper holder for each scraper width is recommended.
Because of its high-alloyed steel grade a long-term sharpness of the tool is guaranteed. If re-sharpening is still necessary, you can do it by yourself with a belt sander or angle grinder with grinding disk (grain size 40). You can order the grinding disk from us (order number 861 001).
For further applications look at “Tools”.