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The Excitement of Tasting Various Delicious Healthy Foods

Many people often hesitate to regularly eat healthy food for several reasons, such as an unpleasant taste on the tongue, high prices, and so on. However, if the processing is good, then nutrient-rich dishes can be just as delicious, and even surprise our tongues because of their unique taste.

You can prove the promise of delicious healthy restaurant Jakarta at Terra, a restaurant with a well balanced living concept in Jalan Senopati Raya, South Jakarta. Here, you will find lots of healthy food with guaranteed delicious taste, and quite affordable prices.

This restaurant carries a homely design, which is clearly seen in the selection of simple furniture in earthy colors, such as brown, dark green, gray, and white.

The kitchen is also made open, which in addition to giving visitors access to directly see the cooking process, can also be a medium to consult about healthy food with the competent cooks behind it. In essence, we can enjoy delicious healthy food, while learning more about it.

The menu is divided into two groups, namely the Signature Bowl for a variety of healthy food concoctions in a bowl, and the Bento in the form of a series of meal packages with a balanced nutritional composition. Everything is priced at competitive prices, according to the quality of the raw materials and processing methods, which prioritize health factors.

Try Keep It Green (Rp 75,000), which is a vegan-friendly food concoction served cold. Even so, the combination of the raw ingredients is miraculously capable of presenting a complex taste that makes anyone fall in love with it immediately. Moreover, the addition of dabu-dabu-style salsa, guaranteed to make you addicted.

Salmon & Quinoa Bowl (Rp 110,000) is another signature bowl menu that is no less exciting to try. This is fresh boiled quinoa topped with grilled salmon and a biting hot sauce. Cuts of various fresh vegetables add to the unique texture.

If you want to find food for breakfast, you can choose the egg on toast menu because the portions are just right and very tasty to eat in the morning.

As for the Bento menu group, all the variants are designed according to various needs, complete with the calorie calculation it has. For example, Sports Nutrition, which consists of 10 compositions with carefully calculated nutritional complexities. The total calories are 750-1250 kcal, which is suitable for restoring energy after a gymnatic type of exercise.

A number of other Bento menu packages are also fun to try, the benefits of which can be adjusted for various physical activities. Interestingly, you can also customize this set of dishes according to your desired health preferences.

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